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Uncomfortable with the Unknown in Birth? Try this!

This post was meant to be an EFT tapping routine for you to use if you feel a bit uneasy about the unknown in birth. And it is.
But then I read what I had written, and it sounded like a poem.
So, if you want to do something practical to clear worries about all the things that could go wrong, then tap along to this video.

Or, if you just want to read the poem, scroll down.

Uncomfortable with uncertainty

I don’t like the unknown part of birth

Just don’t know 

What if something goes wrong…

I just don’t know how it will go

I like to plan and be safe

I want know I am baby will be safe

I know I don’t have a guarantee

I’m just nervous

Part of me is scared of what might happen

It’s hard to trust and let go


Uncertainty and the unknown are is part of life

I’m not comfortable with it and I’ve been resisting these feelings

Pushing them away


What if I respond with curiosity and lightness,

What if I am open

I wonder if I can hold this fear like I would hold the hand of a small frightened child

Maybe I can open to this fear of the unknown like holding a crying baby

What if I could stop being scared and know that even though difficult things happen

I am loved, just like I love my baby, no matter what

What if I remember the support and kindness I have in my life

What if I can respond to my birthing experience with compassion, towards myself

What if I take it moment by moment

Because maybe worrying, and stressing about the unknown of giving birth won’t help

What if I felt curious, present and relaxed instead

What if I just open up to being with what is,

Moment to moment

Being soft and gentle


I know there’s a very good chance all will be well

I choose to allow myself to be supported

By my support people

By care providers best intentions

By my body and my baby

By the warm wishes of friends and people who care about me

I choose to rest into the support

Holding feelings of fear, of the unknown, and the uncertain, to come and go,

with infinite compassion and kindness

As birth unfolds, as life unfolds,

I choose to feel safe and grounded and loved

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