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‘I laughed as I gave birth to my baby’

Sometimes a birth story can make you feel inspired and invincible, even if you’re not about to give birth!  This is one of those  stories. If you are interested in transforming your perception of labour pain, why a woman might feel safe birthing at home and how to have a more joyous birth, sit back and enjoy this precious offering.

In this interview you will find out why Jenni decided to birth two babies at home, what she did to prepare for birth, why she felt her births were pain-free, and how she breathed life into her newborn.
FYI, I made this Skype video pre updated technology, so it’s a bit jumpy. Hang about… it’s worth it!

What you don’t hear in this interview, is how, surrounded by the people who love her, she literally laughed her baby out. There was lots of humour in the room. Jenni told me she suddenly had the thought that she could laugh if she chose to, so she did, and baby slipped into the birth pool.

Jenni in labour out in the garden

Jenni in labour out in the garden

If you are pregnant, feeding yourself empowering birth stories is a great way to feel more confident about birth. It can also help you to discover that giving birth can be ‘down to earth’ and doesn’t need to be a drama. And if you know someone who could do with hearing a great birth story, do pass it on. Sharing good birth stories supports birthing women to believe in themselves.

Now I would love to hear your response to Jenni’s story. Tell me specifically what moved you most? What new idea amazed or inspired you?

Thank you for watching. I am so excited you are part of this community of people who want birth to be a an awesome journey of possibilities  rather than something to be terrified about.

with warm thoughts,


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