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Start Clearing Your Fear of Pushing with this Easy EFT/Tapping Routine

If you’re scared of the pushing part of birth, this video is for you.  You’ll learn an easy technique and simple EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping routine to reduce your fear and increase confidence. You may also want to check out my video on how to make the pushing part easier. 

EFT is an amazing easy stress reduction technique that can clear trauma, stuck negative beliefs and worries big or small.

If you’ve never tapped before, just tap in the spots I tap and repeat after me. If I say things that you can’t relate to, just keep tapping and either insert your own words or  There’s a how to video in my resource page, so you can pause and take a look at that first if you like.

There are 5 steps to how I do EFT: Step 1. Rate intensity of feelings

1. Rate intensity of feelings

Start tapping through next 4 steps.

2. Acknowledge the fear in a context of self-acceptance and self-compassion, 3, State the negative feelings, 4, open to a new perspective, 5, Choose a new perspective with gratitude 6. rate intensity feelings

3. State the negative feelings, 4, open to a new perspective, 5, Choose a new perspective with gratitude 6. rate intensity feelings

4. open to a new perspective, 5, Choose a new perspective with gratitude 6. rate intensity feelings

5. Choose a new perspective with gratitude

6. Rate the intensity of feelings.

Want some more guidance, or have an issue that needs professional support? I offer 1-1 skype sessions to help you feel better sooner. 



Easier Pushing in Childbirth; Here’s How…

Easier pushing

Ever heard how second stage (the pushing part) is easier than first stage (the cervix opening part)? It’s often true, BUT, sometimes,  for some women, the pushing part can feel more intense, seems to go on forever and can even be traumatising.

In this video, you’ll learn what you can do to feel calmer about pushing, how you can be better prepared, and boost the chances of having a more positive experience.

Here are a few of the tips covered in this video:

  • How to dispel stories, fears and negative beliefs about second stage.
  • Open up to new possibilities for your next birth.
  • Why you need to get to know your birthing body better, and how to do this.
  • Which birthing positions can make pushing easier.
  • How to soften and relax the tissues and muscles of the pelvis
  • How to feel more confident about pushing
  • The art of just breathing your baby down (and when to just bear down and go for it!)
  • One place to give birth that relaxes the body, reduces pain and makes pushing even easier.


BONUS: Download your Free PDF of affirmations for second stage.

affirmations for an easier second stage


Wishing you much easier pushing,



PS Want to feel calm and confident about giving birth again? Book in for a 1-1 session with me or work towards an amazing next birth at your own pace. 




4 Top Tips to Be In-Control of Your Next Birth (When the last one was out-of-control)

I’ll always remember the time a mama-to-be in my HypnoBirthing class said this: “Oh, I’d really like a waterbirth, but my doctor doesn’t do them”. Cue red flag. The big question has to be: If you can’t ask for what you want, and find a care provider who will respect your choices, how will you be able to ask for what you want, (and say no to what you don’t want) during your birth?

That is a very round-about way of saying, if you want to be more in control of your next birth, take action in pregnancy. In the video below I share my 4 favourite tips for being in control of your birth, ESPECIALLY when your last birth was out-of-control.

Why is it important to feel in control of your birth? The women clients I’ve supported following a traumatic birth, commonly describe their scary birth in words like these: “It was out-of-control”, “I wasn’t in charge”, “Someone else was calling the shots”, “I was at the mercy of the doctors”, and “I lost my voice”. Obviously having ownership of a birth experience is crucial to feeling good about it. When you lose that control or ownership, it’s tragic. Naturally, women wanting a better next birth want to be ‘in the driver seat’ during their next birth.

It’s one of the great paradoxes of birth, that in order to ‘let-go’ and relax into the intensity of birth, you first need to feel emotionally safe and in-control. Once you feel like you are in the center of your birth, being treated well and with kindness, surrounded by people you trust, being consulted, making choices that feel right for you at the time, then it is much much easier enter the relaxed, trusting state most conducive to a positive, (and often more natural), birth experience. 

Feeling empowered does not mean having a perfect natural  birth. I know many women who have amazing and empowered, yet medicalised, births.

Often unexpected circumstances can impact your wishes for your birth. ‘Routine’ interventions and procedures, like induction, can make you feel that your dream of an empowered birth is slipping away. But, you have the power to make choices according to your values, and to  ask for what you need, so you can surrender into whatever path your birth takes, even if it’s not perfect.

Watch the video to learn my 4 top tips stay in-charge of your next birth, including: Be well supported, Get your power back,  Be assertive, and Keep asking for what you want.


Warmest wishes,



PS Need extra support to get past a specific birth fear, trauma or memory? I am available for 1-1 skype sessions. I can’t wait to help you clear the baggage, so you can move on to a better next birth.



5 Clues to Less Pain and More Comfort in Birth

5 clues to less pain image smaller

One of the biggest fears for women wanting a more positive next birth, is fear of the pain. Often during a past difficult or traumatic birth there was serious pain. The physical pain dissipates, but the memory of it remains. Then when you get pregnant again, the fear of dealing with that much pain again is terrifying.

Regardless of how you will give birth, whether it is natural, whether you will have an epidural, and/or a c-section, there’s a good chance that at some point, there will be some level of discomfort or pain.

In this video I explore how to reduce pain, increase comfort and how can you stop being scared of the pain. Because regardless of when and whether it hurts on the day, feeling scared won’t help.

Watch to discover 5 important clues to feeling less fear of pain, and how you can be more comfortable during childbirth.

Separating your mental and emotional response from the physical is probably even more important than taking action to reduce pain. What I mean is being aware of any physical discomfort, (yep, it’s not pleasant!), BUT not adding mental stress, fear and worry to the pain.

How can you not add fear to pain? By repetitively returning to calm, to an anchor like your breathing, to a feeling of safety and relaxation. Remembering to relax mentally and physically during the intensity of birth requires preparation, practise, and great support. You can do it.

What I do not discuss in this post is epidurals. Medical pain relief is out of my field of expertise. However, by watching this video I hope you will find out about options that give you more choices, especially if you would prefer to minimize interventions. Whether you have an epidural or not, it’s still a good thing to have less fear and more relaxation.

As the  Japanese author Haruki Murakami wrote, ‘Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional’. In regards to birth, I would prefer to say, Pain is possible, suffering is optional.


Warmest wishes,


PS If you have a question or fear about having a better next birth, please ask me. I may be able to answer it in a future post.




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