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Uncomfortable with the Unknown in Birth? Try this!

This post was meant to be an EFT tapping routine for you to use if you feel a bit uneasy about the unknown in birth. And it is.
But then I read what I had written, and it sounded like a poem.
So, if you want to do something practical to clear worries about all the things that could go wrong, then tap along to this video.

Or, if you just want to read the poem, scroll down.

Uncomfortable with uncertainty

I don’t like the unknown part of birth

Just don’t know 

What if something goes wrong…

I just don’t know how it will go

I like to plan and be safe

I want know I am baby will be safe

I know I don’t have a guarantee

I’m just nervous

Part of me is scared of what might happen

It’s hard to trust and let go


Uncertainty and the unknown are is part of life

I’m not comfortable with it and I’ve been resisting these feelings

Pushing them away


What if I respond with curiosity and lightness,

What if I am open

I wonder if I can hold this fear like I would hold the hand of a small frightened child

Maybe I can open to this fear of the unknown like holding a crying baby

What if I could stop being scared and know that even though difficult things happen

I am loved, just like I love my baby, no matter what

What if I remember the support and kindness I have in my life

What if I can respond to my birthing experience with compassion, towards myself

What if I take it moment by moment

Because maybe worrying, and stressing about the unknown of giving birth won’t help

What if I felt curious, present and relaxed instead

What if I just open up to being with what is,

Moment to moment

Being soft and gentle


I know there’s a very good chance all will be well

I choose to allow myself to be supported

By my support people

By care providers best intentions

By my body and my baby

By the warm wishes of friends and people who care about me

I choose to rest into the support

Holding feelings of fear, of the unknown, and the uncertain, to come and go,

with infinite compassion and kindness

As birth unfolds, as life unfolds,

I choose to feel safe and grounded and loved

BTW, if you are coping with an overwhelming stress or niggly emotional issue at the mo, and you want to feel better faster, I would love to support you in a 1-1 session. Fast, effective and transformative.

6 Tricks to Turn Your Spouse into the Best Birth Partner Ever

Now ask yourself: Is your birth partner ready for birth? Will they be able to give you what you need to avoid unnecessary freak outs? After watching this video, you’ll have some great ways to make he or she will be up to the task on the big day.

After watching this video, you’ll have some great ways to make he or she will be up to the task on the big day.

I just want to be clear, by birth partner or birth companion or birth support person, I mean the person who is going to be closest to you during the birth, this may be a husband, wife or life partner, but is also interchangeable with a dear friend, or close family member. Whoever you choose needs to be on the same page as you. They need to know what will help you most. 

The 6 tricks in this video include: language or affirmations (what language gives you courage, strength and calmness?), touch (how might you want to be touched?), how do you want to be advocated for?,  What will he or she do if labor slows, and much more!!!






Start Clearing Your Fear of Pushing with this Easy EFT/Tapping Routine

If you’re scared of the pushing part of birth, this video is for you.  You’ll learn an easy technique and simple EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping routine to reduce your fear and increase confidence. You may also want to check out my video on how to make the pushing part easier. 

EFT is an amazing easy stress reduction technique that can clear trauma, stuck negative beliefs and worries big or small.

If you’ve never tapped before, just tap in the spots I tap and repeat after me. If I say things that you can’t relate to, just keep tapping and either insert your own words or  There’s a how to video in my resource page, so you can pause and take a look at that first if you like.

There are 5 steps to how I do EFT: Step 1. Rate intensity of feelings

1. Rate intensity of feelings

Start tapping through next 4 steps.

2. Acknowledge the fear in a context of self-acceptance and self-compassion, 3, State the negative feelings, 4, open to a new perspective, 5, Choose a new perspective with gratitude 6. rate intensity feelings

3. State the negative feelings, 4, open to a new perspective, 5, Choose a new perspective with gratitude 6. rate intensity feelings

4. open to a new perspective, 5, Choose a new perspective with gratitude 6. rate intensity feelings

5. Choose a new perspective with gratitude

6. Rate the intensity of feelings.

Want some more guidance, or have an issue that needs professional support? I offer 1-1 skype sessions to help you feel better sooner. 



Easier Pushing in Childbirth; Here’s How…

Easier pushing

Ever heard how second stage (the pushing part) is easier than first stage (the cervix opening part)? It’s often true, BUT, sometimes,  for some women, the pushing part can feel more intense, seems to go on forever and can even be traumatising.

In this video, you’ll learn what you can do to feel calmer about pushing, how you can be better prepared, and boost the chances of having a more positive experience.

Here are a few of the tips covered in this video:

  • How to dispel stories, fears and negative beliefs about second stage.
  • Open up to new possibilities for your next birth.
  • Why you need to get to know your birthing body better, and how to do this.
  • Which birthing positions can make pushing easier.
  • How to soften and relax the tissues and muscles of the pelvis
  • How to feel more confident about pushing
  • The art of just breathing your baby down (and when to just bear down and go for it!)
  • One place to give birth that relaxes the body, reduces pain and makes pushing even easier.


BONUS: Download your Free PDF of affirmations for second stage.

affirmations for an easier second stage


Wishing you much easier pushing,



PS Want to feel calm and confident about giving birth again? Book in for a 1-1 session with me or work towards an amazing next birth at your own pace. 




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