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An Awesome Birth Over 40

If you are pregnant and over 40, you become a ‘higher risk’ case. What if you have a dream of keeping things as normal as possible? How can you manage being in a ‘riskier’ category, and still head in the direction of a birth you wish?

This amazing story from Colette, who became pregnant at 42, will help you feel calm, positive and grounded about being a mature mama. And whatever your age, you will love this interview if you want to know how to feel excited and not scared of birth, and simultaneously willing to surrender to all possibilities of how birth will unfold.

Your capacity to balance the potential to birth positively and naturally, with the faith that you can surrender to whatever arises is a powerful combination.

This balancing point is one of the best spaces to be in when you give birth. I know for me, the moment I went deep inside and gave myself to the experience of birth, trusted in something bigger than myself, had faith in nature, and my body and fully surrendered, the opening just happened.

We try so hard to get things right. I meet many women desperate to achieve a natural birth, as if it is a goal we can achieve by trying hard. With the best of intentions, we over-achieving list-making modern women sometimes approach birth as something to be good at and get right. This will only take us so far. Somehow we have to stop trying and start trusting. This is not something you can make happen, more something you give into. It is a feeling, not just a mental release of ‘over-efforting’, but also a physical letting go.

So educate yourself and make kind conscious choices about how  you wish to give birth. But above all, contemplate and make quiet space to cultivate trust and faith in something beyond your ‘trying’ self. This may be in God, nature, your mammalian birthing body, the power of women who have birthed before…whatever works to give yourself over to something bigger.

Tell me: What will you have, or have you had, faith in during birth, beyond your thinking trying self? I am curious to hear your response, and I know thousands of women will value your thoughts on surrender, trust and faith in childbirth.

May you be happy and well in birth and in life,


PS How can life look when you have a baby over 40? Check out these gorgeous snaps of Colette and her family:






















at the river

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