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8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety in Pregnancy

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Anxiety is common. Most of us know the feeling and it’s yucky. A crazy pace of life, abundant everyday stressors, trauma, and our habitual human tendency to over-think can compound. 

Pregnancy may not improve anxiety. In fact, new challenges and worries inevitably arise. These may include physical stresses, the wellbeing of your baby, concerns about older toddlers or children, career or financial pressure, accommodation changes, relationship dramas. The list goes on.

Then add to the mix the emotional residue of a difficult previous birth, plus fear of birthing again. It’s easy to see why calmness is illusive.

In this video, I offer you  8 ways to reduce anxiety in pregnancy and increase calm.

I’ve worked with countless mamas who were strung out, wound up and uptight, all for good reasons. I’ve experienced moments and periods of anxiety myself. Through working with others and myself, I’ve come to see anxiety not as an irritation to be vanquished ASAP, but rather as a messenger asking for a compassionate investigative response.

I’ve come to see anxiety is the voice of a part of ourselves that is not feeling safe.

It’s our individual responsibility to respond with kindness and to encourage that part of ourselves into a place of emotional safety. Over and over again, until we recognise that relaxation becomes a new habit and a new ‘home’.

Anxiety is asking me, and you, to take time to stop, and ask ourselves, what do I need to feel safe? What experience or behaviour is asking for healing? The gentle process of becoming intimate with and responsive to our anxiety is not necessarily comfortable initially, but brings increasing freedom.

Enjoy the video! As always, don’t just believe anything I say. Take what feels intuitively helpful. Test it out. See what works for you. Be curious. Share your insights in the comments or on Facebook.


Wishing you a big long slow outbreath,



Fear, Pain and HypnoBirthing

Have you heard about the idea that giving birth doesn’t have to hurt? Sounds crazy, right? The thought of squeezing a baby out your VJ… well, many of us prefer not to think about it at all. And what about the uterus? It may be a clever organ, but it’s a first timer doing a massive job of opening up the cervix and pushing a baby out, so of course its gotta hurt…. or is it?

I invite you to challenge assumptions in this fantastic chat with Scottish midwife and Hypnobirthing practitioner Amanda Gwynne. With 30 years experience of birth under her belt, Amanda’s wisdom and tips for a more relaxing birth will move your mind in an empowering direction.

Let’s be clear. Birth can be challenging. It is powerful. It can hurt. (I certainly felt it!) But we don’t have to relate to these strong sensations as something to fear. Because when we approach pain with fear, it hurts more. How about approaching the intensity of birth with calm confidence and relaxation? It may feel a whole lot different.


The key is practise. Use these tools and make them your own between now and your birth, spend some time every day making them a part of you.

Here’s to a better relationship with fear and pain,


PS Tell me how you have or will use at least one of these tools on your birthing day!
Your words count, and support other Mamas-to-be who read them… so speak from your heart for the benefit of mothers and babies everywhere.

PPS Here’s me and my husband meeting our first baby!

What you need to know about posture and pregnancy

Being pregnant can be uncomfortable. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you’ll know what I am talking about: shoulder tension, heartburn, headaches, breathlessness, tiredness, back ache, restless legs and swelling ankles.  This interview was created for you!

In this great talk with Suzanne Yates, maternity bodywork specialist, you will find out how better posture and a few simple changes can make pregnancy more comfortable. You will also discover how to help your baby move more easily in your womb (possibly allowing them to move into a  good position for birth).

To take action to improve your physical wellbeing and posture, download the FREE PDF ‘Better posture tips’ from this interview here: Top posture tips

For more info about Suzanne’s great work, to access her free resources or to buy her book Beautiful Birth, check out

Many women find pregnancy hard work. If you have a tip that helped you feel better physically, please share it in the comments below. Your learning could be another mama’s blessing!

May your pregnancy be easeful (most of the time!),


Suzanne working postnally with with a mother (and baby!)

Suzanne working postnally with with a mother (and baby!)

Support your Baby’s Health and Save the World!

Have you ever wondered how the time in your mothers womb affected your life?  Were her joys and stresses shared by you? How did that 9 months impact your beliefs about life? And how will your baby’s time inside you change their future?

If you have an interest in how the prenatal period affects babies, and how to optimise your unborn baby’s wellbeing, this interview is for you.

Mothers naturally want to give their babies the best start to life. Research continues to reveal the significant effect life in the womb has on a human beings physical and psychological health. This interview with prenatal educator Julie Gerland explains how to boost pregnancy ‘love’ hormones, and help your child grow into a human being with inner confidence, strength and creativity and peace.

The message of this video is much more than just loving your own child from the beginning. It is about harnessing our collective power as parents, to recognise the crucial role we have in creating a healthy, happy future for everyone.

To often we label ourselves as ‘just a mother’, imagining that something better and greater exists in proving yourself outside the home. As you watch this video, remember you are connected to loving parents everywhere. And together, parents are a massive force of positive change.

Positive global change starts inside the womb with the formation of a new human being over nine months. Your unborn child is not separate from you. In the womb they are bathed in your hormones. They learn about feeling safe and loved or feeling anxious. Their nervous system wires up accordingly.

Of course we all have times in life, and in pregnancy, when we feel stressed, sad and angry.We’re all human after all, and challenging feelings are normal. It’s not about becoming instantly peaceful. Let go of the guilt that your baby can feel your fear or pain. Be kind to yourself.

What can you do to step out of stress and anxiety and into calmness and relaxation?

Julie Gerland’s suggestion is a helpful one. When you recognise you are feeling upset, fearful or stressed:

  1. Stop
  2. Breathe
  3. Appreciate something or someone in your life
  4. Send out your love

These actions will instantly activate your parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxed, contented part), transform your bio-chemical state and release ‘love’ hormones in your body.

If you want to support yourself further and make it even easier to move into a calm response:

  1. Learn to meditate
  2. Do body centred movement like yoga, tai chi, chi gong or feldenkreis

What other ideas do you have? Share your fastest trick for moving from a stress response to a calm response in the comments below.

Your insights matter, because we are all learning how to live more peacefully.

Lots of love,


Hello and Welcome!

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