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Amazing ‘Twin-Lotus-C-section’ Birth Story

What happens if you want a totally natural birth, and then a few weeks beforehand you find out that it just ain’t going to happen. For many reasons, women discover that ‘au natural’ is out and surgery is how their sweet baby is going to enter the world.

Some mothers are able to easily adjust their expectations and take the new plan in their stride, especially if the safety of their baby is truly at risk. But many women find it hard to transition to a birth plan that has taken birth dreams and thrown them out the window.
If you can relate to this scenario, or if you are interested in having an empowering surgical birth, or having an empowering birth full-stop, this interview is for you.

Hera’s story provides insight into when it is a time to ask tough questions, research, dig deeper and make change happen, and when it is time to stop trying so hard, to let go and be supported by a bigger process. This story is all about the balance between surrender and ownership in birth.

You may know ahead of time that your baby is going to get some medical help on it’s way into the world, or you may not. You may be certain that your baby will be born naturally. Wherever you sit, it is worth taking Hera’s advice: briefly contemplate the possibility that your baby may be born with medical assistance. Then whatever happens, you can prepare to respect and celebrate yourself and to have an awesome first meeting with your precious baby.

Perhaps you know someone, or you are that someone, who is attempting to make peace with a birth plan that isn’t the ‘dream birth’, for example, a breech, twin birth or induction. If so, sink your heart and mind into this transformative story and find your own way to a beautiful birth.

Hera’s story is one of my all-time favourite birth stories, (OK, I have a few!), because through it I learnt a lot about what makes a birth amazing.
Being respected, listened to, and being honoured in your requests all help you to own your birth fully. This is what makes the difference, however your babies are born.

Hera and babies

Hera and babies


The whole family

The whole family


The well-cured lotus-birth placenta


Now I would deeply appreciate hearing your response to this interview. Have you experienced a time in birth or daily life, when you have struggled to make something a certain way, and in the end it was easier to ‘let go and go with the flow’?

Tell us about your moment of  letting go and how it helped you.

With warmest thoughts and best wishes to all the Mamas in the world birthing today,


Hello and Welcome!

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