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Why wear your baby?

Have you ever tried to hang up wet washing, make dinner or tidy up, while hugging your baby to one shoulder? It is tricky, and tiring, to live your life one handed, when things still need to get done. But putting your baby down when they want to be close to you doesn’t work either. There is a solution; ‘wearing’ your baby! (Want to cut to the chase? Here’s your ‘why slings are amazing’ free PDF).

If you are interested in ways to keep your baby calm and happy, while giving yourself greater freedom as a new parent, you will enjoy this great chat with baby wearing trail blazer, Irma Jager.

The idea of wearing my baby in a sling seemed a little strange, when I was introduced to the idea. A friend grave me a sling (a 4 metre piece of fabric), and another friend offered to come and help me learn to wind my baby and me up in it. I indulged her, but assumed I probably wouldn’t use the sling much. I was wrong. Baby wearing was awesome.

Baby in sling











Wearing our babies only feels strange to start with because we don’t live in a place where it is the norm, and we are culturally trained to see strollers as the normal way to move our baby about. But a stroller is just one way, and may be perfect for you at times. However, when push comes to shove, why push a crying baby down the street when you can comfort them right next to you in a sling. I still had a stroller, (it was great for carrying shopping), and when my baby was a bit bigger they often rode in it. However I always had my sling tucked under the stroller in case my baby wanted to be close to me… so handy to have options!


You may not feel the need for a sling, if you have an easy going baby who sleeps peacefully and is typically content. However, if you have a baby who just seems happier to be with you, and you want to bake a cake and eat it too, (while wearing your baby), give slings a go. See what it feels like for you and your baby. Like everything here at The Birth Whisperer, don’t just believe me, or what anyone else says, do what feels right for you.


Important notes: The slings we discussed in this interview are upright slings, with baby facing towards Mama, with full support from the base of their bottom up to under babies thighs. Do not ever use a ‘bag sling’, which does pose a risk to your baby’s breathing.


For more info on slings check out: .


Wishing you a wonderfully snuggly time with your baby in the weeks and months after they are born,



PS Remember to get your ‘why slings are amazing’ free PDF).


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