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Hello. I’m Anna Wilde, The Birth Whisperer. I’m so glad you found me.

I work with mothers who want a better birth after a difficult birth. 

It’s my mission to help you heal, start fresh and welcome your new baby into the world with confidence.

If you’d like to feel good about childbirth and yourself, you’re in the right place.

Giving birth may have been a rough ride, but history needn’t repeat. You can make peace with what happened. You can stack the deck in your favour and move on to a better birth.

No matter where or how you give birth again, you have the capacity to be in the centre of a wonderful journey to meeting your baby.
Let me show you how.

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My story

My first memory is the day my sister was born.  I don’t remember the sounds of birth, as I played with Oma in the next room. I can’t remember meeting the baby. I do remember drinking my first ever bottle of celebratory  fanta. But I know that the sweetest gift I received that day was a message; giving birth can be a normal, yet miraculous, life event.


I’m the daughter of a Dutch born New Zealand midwife.  My mother would take me to visit new babies and their families. I also heard many enthusiastic birth stories and picked up on Mum’s ‘natural’ high, when she came home from a birth. I also feel grateful for my lineage of strong Dutch women, who not only gave me life, but the cultural perspective that birth is usually an ordinary life event.

So, given my history, I used to think that natural birth was the be-all-and-end-all. I still think it’s pretty neat. But sometimes no matter how well prepared you are, sometimes natural birth goes out the window.  It has become more important to me that a woman feels confident inside and is respected by those around her, rather than how her baby is actually born.


Getting pregnant didn’t come easy. After several years of infertility, grief, uncertainty, hope, healing and investment, as my husband and I took part in adoption classes, I finally conceived.

I’ve given birth twice. The first time was fine; 8 hours and a bit full-on. The second time was great; it took 24 hours, but with a more relaxed attitude. I felt amazing afterwards.

Motherhood wasn’t the instant bundle of joy I expected. Between crowning and my baby slipping into the world, something snapped inside. The super-organised control freak in me went off the deep end; I was surrendering my neat and tidy life to motherhood, like, forever! Several weeks in the dark hole of postnatal depression (PND) followed.

I understand trauma from the inside. PND introduced me to fear and despair. When I became pregnant again, I couldn’t talk about that dark time without crying. I was terrified of the sleeplessness, the exhaustion, the anxiety, and haunted by guilt that I hadn’t bonded instantly with my baby.

I healed. I asked for help, I dug deep, I learnt to relax a bit more. I used the powerful trauma healing techniques that work magic for my own pregnant clients. By the time those contractions rolled in for number two, I was ready. And it was awesome; a huge, powerful, intense 24 hours that left me high and happy.

I wish I could give birth again (and again and again). Crazy? Maybe a little! I just keep learning more about what makes birth better.


But the truth is I’m done with making babies… now is the time for me to be here for you. My life’s work is smoothing the path to your next baby’s birth, using powerful psychological and practical tools.

I have trained in modalities that prepare women for birth, and help them recover from childbirth related trauma, including HypnoBirthing, mindfulness meditation and energy psychology techniques, including EFT. I have worked with hundreds of women, couples and midwives teaching skills for birth. In group and private sessions it has been my privilege to work with women, who have been hurt by birth or loss, and to guide them to a place of ease and renewed confidence. Click here for my professional bio.

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