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5 Clues to Less Pain and More Comfort in Birth

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One of the biggest fears for women wanting a more positive next birth, is fear of the pain. Often during a past difficult or traumatic birth there was serious pain. The physical pain dissipates, but the memory of it remains. Then when you get pregnant again, the fear of dealing with that much pain again is terrifying.

Regardless of how you will give birth, whether it is natural, whether you will have an epidural, and/or a c-section, there’s a good chance that at some point, there will be some level of discomfort or pain.

In this video I explore how to reduce pain, increase comfort and how can you stop being scared of the pain. Because regardless of when and whether it hurts on the day, feeling scared won’t help.

Watch to discover 5 important clues to feeling less fear of pain, and how you can be more comfortable during childbirth.

Separating your mental and emotional response from the physical is probably even more important than taking action to reduce pain. What I mean is being aware of any physical discomfort, (yep, it’s not pleasant!), BUT not adding mental stress, fear and worry to the pain.

How can you not add fear to pain? By repetitively returning to calm, to an anchor like your breathing, to a feeling of safety and relaxation. Remembering to relax mentally and physically during the intensity of birth requires preparation, practise, and great support. You can do it.

What I do not discuss in this post is epidurals. Medical pain relief is out of my field of expertise. However, by watching this video I hope you will find out about options that give you more choices, especially if you would prefer to minimize interventions. Whether you have an epidural or not, it’s still a good thing to have less fear and more relaxation.

As the  Japanese author Haruki Murakami wrote, ‘Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional’. In regards to birth, I would prefer to say, Pain is possible, suffering is optional.


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PS If you have a question or fear about having a better next birth, please ask me. I may be able to answer it in a future post.



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